hi! welcome to our page. we're so glad that you've stopped by to check us out. justin and i have been doing photography for about 5 years together now, while we have had our seperate ventures shooting seperately for even longer. we attended the same highschool, where we met, and reconnected again during our freshman year of college. we've been dating ever since and just got engaged april 2017! it's been such an exciting time for us. justin is about to graduate with his double major in philosophy and english with a minor spring 2018. i'm also in school as i'm finishing up my visual arts degree with a concentration in photography. justin spends a lot of his time reading. he's also really interested in the science of coffee, and experimenting with different techniques. he's basically my barista. he also plays bass professionally at different events, and loves cinema, specifically wes anderson. he's a pretty interesting human. as for me, i'm  pretty lowkey. a perfect day to me would be having an unending supply of fresh fruit and pizza and binge watching murder mystery shows. i also share a passion for music, i'm trying to be more into reading (especially with all the books justin gives me!) and i love spending time with my best friend kelly (we're roomates and have been raised together since birth practicallly). 

justin and i have always loved this craft and i've been extremely fortunate to work with someone as talented and passionate as justin. we both are always doing our best to research and stay ahead on the front running lines with our photography. we're so passionate about expanding our knowledge and bringing our stylistic voice to the table. being able to create compositions and use our visions is what we thrive on. if you want to know more, meet with us for coffee! we take a special interest in each and everyone of our clients and we look forward to getting to know you.